Impact on society

PhD Conference Oslo,
November 16th - 17th, 2017


An Annual conference

Impact from researchers

After a successful first conference in Aalborg on employability, this year's Science for Society conference will be all about the Impact of a researchers work - and how to utilize it. See how your work can fit into society and industry, meet relevant companies, and hear the stories of researchers who already have bridged their work into society and industry. Join PhDs and Postdocs from Sweden, Denmark and Norway for this years conference!


You get:

Opportunity to network with relevant scandinavian companies ready to listen to you and your story
Inspiration from conference speakers, participating entrepreneurs and fellow PhD-candidates
Concrete tools to help enhancing your presentation skills, entrepreneurial awareness or creative skills
Exclusive conference dinner with fellow participants and speakers at Posthallen, Oslo

You meet:

Professional speakers with experience and stories from bridging science and corporate world
Relevant companies within your field, ready to talk to you about how your research can make a difference in society and industry
Over 200 enthusiastic PhD-candidates from universities in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, and driven by value creation from research
Brilliant entrepreneurs at our entrepreneurs lounge, hunting for being the next breaktrough startup. Experience how startups work and plan for success
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Conference speakers

We proudly present our speakers for the Impact on Society conference. Each speaker will give a talk + be available for questions & networking after their slot in the program (see program for times). See our full list of speakers

Highlighted speakers


Inger Sandlie (NO)
UnIversity of OslO

Professor Inger Sandlie is often described as one of the most innovative and productive researchers in Norway with over 100 disclosure of invention to her belt.

Fiona Bach-Gansmo (DK)
Bioco Medico

As CEO and co-founder of Bioco Medico after taking her PhD and Postdoc, Fiona Bach-Gansmos workpath has bridged from an academic- to more entrepreneurial career.

Kjetil Trædal Thorsen_400x400.png

Kjetil Trædal Thorsen (NO)

Kjetil Trædal Thorsen is co-founder of Snøhetta, a globally known architecture firm. Read more about Thorsen's and Snøhetta's projects.

Michal Strala_400x400.png

Michal Stala (SE)
ARM Technology

Michal Stala co-founded the IoT-company Mistbase alongside taking his PhD in computer science at Lund University. He is now a Director at ARM technology



Participating companies

We are proud to present companies participating at the conference. Companies will be active at our "Industry fair", and some will also give talks. See our full list of companies.

Highlighted companies



Accenture is a global consultancy firm providing solutions in areas as strategy, consulting, digital, technology and outsourcing.

Read more on Accenture website.

Kjeller Vindteknikk_400x400.png

Kjeller Vindteknikk

Kjeller Vindteknikk has extensive experience from a large number of wind power projects in Europe. Services include installation and instrumentation of meteorological masts, as well as the installation of remote sensing devices.

They currently have eight PHDs inhouse, visit their website here.


Acarix (DK)

Acarix works to revolutionize cardiac diagnostics. Based on pioneering research performed at the Aalborg University, Acarix has developed a modern tool for early and accurate CAD rule-out, making decision-making for medical personnel easier and reducing onward referrals. See Acarix website.

GE Healthcare_400x400.png

GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare is an global manufacturer and distributor of diagnostic imaging agents, medical diagnostic equipment including CT image machines, and healthcare technological solutions for medical imaging and information technologies. Read more at GE website.

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Conference program

Conference program includes keynotes, researchers with impactful PhD-stories, talks from relevant industrial players, and a tailored Industry Fair - a possible initial step for future employability, partnership, mentorship etc. There will also be an exclusive session with parallel workshops. Have a look and see how the program fits you best.





Oslo Science Park


Oslo Science Park houses over 2400 people divided on 230 companies, ranging from bigger institutes to smaller startup communities. It is located nearby University of Oslo, Oslo University hospital and other important research facilities as well.

For participants travelling to Oslo and in need of accommodation, please see our suggested hotels and where you also find directions to Oslo Science Park.  

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