The Impact on Society conference is launched to create a meeting point for PhD-candidates motivated and enthusiastic about bridging their research with society and industry. We often talk about entrepreneurship, commercialization and company establishment, but it's really as simple as bringing research closer to market. What makes great feedback opportunity for market need, potential partnerships, possible iterations etc.


This conference is organized by Oslotech and University of Oslo, and is part of the EU Interreg Project Science for Society - a cooperation between Scandinavian universities Aalborg University, Aarhus University, Lund University, University of Oslo, and partners Central Denmark Region and OsloTech.

Science for Society is a 3-year project (started 2016) to raise awareness and motivation amongst PhDs and value created from their work. The project also aims at help bridging research to industry and society, where it can create synergies and be taken into use.