Keynotes & speakers

We proudly present our keynotes and speakers for the Impact on Society conference. Each speaker will give talk + be available for questions & networking after their slot in the program, see program for times (new speakers will be announced as soon as they are confirmed).

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Keynote 1:
Inger Sandlie
Professor Biochemistry,
University of Oslo

Inger Sandlie is a professor in biochemistry at University of Oslo. Often described as one of the most innovative researchers in Norway, she was in 2014 given an honorary award (Inven2) for submission of 100 DOFIs (Disclosure of Invention). She also has co-founded two UiO-startups (vaccines and medication). See Inger Sandlies presentation and her research group at UiO webpages.

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Kjetil Trædal Thorsen
Founding Partner, Snøhetta

Kjetil Trædal Thorsen is an Norwegian architect who in 1987 co-founded Snøhetta, a globally known architecture firm. Kjetil has a passion for estetics, but also for work methods, multi disciplinary skills, and how to apply them in an working environment.

Snøhetta is globally known for projects on Ground zero, New York, the library in Alexandria, and Opera house in Oslo. Read more about Snøhetta and their projects here.

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Torheim Pharmaceuticals

Eirik Torheim

Eirik Torheim has a PhD in Immunology at University of Oslo. In 2014, he took the bold move on founding his own startup, Torheim Pharmaceuticals, a playroom for his creative and innovative ideas.

In Febr. 2015, he also co-founded the startup Depict. with core responsibility for the technical development of the tool Depicto. Depict is today operating out of the health-incubator Aleap.

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Emrah Yalaz (TR)

Emrah Yalaz is the founder of Indestro, a product development consultancy serving Fortune-1000 companies and top global technical universities. Emrah developed a product/market fit framework for highly technical startup teams. Since 2011 he has trained 331 STEM-heavy teams at idea-to-product stage in accelerator and university settings. 37 graduating teams received first investments of $75k to $250k within a quarter.

Emrah is an early stage investor, and adjunct Computer Engineering professor at Bogazici University. Previously, he co-founded String Ventures (San Francisco-based early stage fund), and served as VP Product for QRM, where the majority of the team held STEM PhD degrees.


University College of Southeast Norway

Jørgen Ernstsen

Currently taking a PhD in marine operations at the University College of Southeast Norway, Jørgen Ernstsen applied to a national idea competition hosted by Lundin Norway – and Jørgen won! Lundin, being a renowned company in Norway’s oil & gas industry now has invited Jørgen to a collaboration on how the company can reduce its offshore costs using new technology. Read about Jørgens collaboration here (in Norwegian).


Bioco Medico

Fiona Bach-Gansmo (DK)

As CEO and co-founder of Bioco Medico after taking her PhD and Postdoc in material research, Fiona Bach-Gansmos workpath bridged from academic to more entrepreneurial. Fiona is entrepreneurial driven, her tip for creating value with your research is to "get out of the building", "listen louder", and "gather insights about you future customers, market and potential partners".

 Bioco Medico is a spin-out company from Aarhus University and uses biological solutions to connect materials, see Bioco Medico webpage for more info.




Tobias Dahl

From academic idea to collaborating with Chinas biggest Smartphone maker. Tobias Dahl is the founder of Elliptic Labs, a spin-out company from University of Oslo. Tobias Dahl has a PhD in wireless communication from UiO. He later took a postdoc in signal processing, where he came up with an idea of getting screens to react to ultrasound waves. Dahl experienced how academic research in the right research groups can be great environments for new thinking and new ideas. And also the importance of linking up with relevant industry.


Øyvind Enger_400x400.jpg

Sarsia Seed

Øyvind Enger

With more than 13 years of scientific experience (mainly within microbiology and molecular biology), Øyvind now works with IPR and commercialization of science from biology, medicine and biotechnology.

Øyvind is Partner Investment Advisor in Sarsia Seed, and holds a PhD in microbiology.


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Samuel Schmidt (DK)

Samuel is inventor & co-founder of Acarix, a danish startup from 2009 that aims to revolutionize cardiac diagnostics. From being established in 2009, Acarix has developed substantially and is today listed on Nasdaq First North Premier.

simultaneously with co-founding Acarix, Samuel took his PhD and industrial Postdoc at Aalborg University.

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ARM Technology

Michal Stala (SE)

Michal is a co-founder in a start-up called Mistbase which developed products in the area of Internet-of-Things. Within a period of 18 month, Michal together with Magnus, started a company, developed a complex product, expanded and finally sold the company to a market leader in the silicon industry: ARM. Michal will share highlights and challenges from the (short) journey being an entrepreneur. Aspects such as the importance of the team, product, timing as well as anecdotes will be covered in the talk.


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Janne Olsen Frenvik

Janne was hired by Norwegian company Algeta back in 2012, with support from Norwegian Research council's industrial PhD-programme. Already in 2013, when Bayer acquired Algeta for $ 2,9Bn, she started up her career in Bayer.

Earlier in 2017, Janne had har official disputation on her industrial PhD, with focus on cleaning of cancer drugs using Thorium-227.

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Tove Karlsrud

Tove Karlsrud is Medical Education Strategy Manager at Novartis, a global healthcare company based in Basel, Switzerland. She has a Phd in Pharma, and has worked in Novartis since 2001, covering different positions.