During the conference, there will be a parallel-session with three different workshops. When registering for the conference, you will be asked to choose the workshop you want to participate in. Workshops last for approx. 2 hours.


Entrepreneurship workshop
Value Creation from research

How can you communicate your research value to potential partners, users, industry and funds? What is the value of your PhD or post doc research? What should you be aware of when you consider cooperating with industry or starting your own company?

During the workshop you will be guided through Research Canvas – a science communication tool, developed by iMinds, Belgium. The Research Canvas allows you to talk about your research to a broad audience of professionals; not just your fellow researchers.

Our workshop hostess:
Anne Sofie Dahlmann Breindahl, Project manager, Aarhus University (AU)


Presentation workshop
Pitch your PhD

Learn about the art of storytelling and train on relevant presentation techniques! In this workshop you will explore how to present your work in a professional, yet non-academic way. Training will consist of verbal presentation, non-verbal training, and how to storytell (methaphors) making your presentation/story come to life and gain more interest from your audience.

Our workshop hostess: 
Torunn Meyer, Presentation coach and actor with over 20 years experience.


Creativity workshop
Creating ideas OUT OF THE BOX

Do you want to be part of a team that create great ideas? It starts with you! Creativity is a muscle most people use way too seldom. Join this workshop if you want to learn techniques used by kids and adults to come up with great ideas (an easy win for the kids). Exercise your creativity muscle with us! It's also a great networking opportunity meeting new people – and maybe thinking a bit “out of the box”.

Our workshop hostess:
Ellen Sethov, Entrepreneurship & Higher education, Ungt Entreprenørskap